About the practitioner, Natacha Wauquiez

Originally from France, I have been living in SA for 11 years. I studied and qualified as an Advanced EFT practitioner and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner with Bennie Naudé (www.deepliving.com). My training is recognised by AAMET.  I practice EFT in English and French (face-to-face and Skype).

My background is traditionally in Marketing with experience in the hospitality industry and various other fields over the years. I am fondly interested in personal improvement, and attended several workshops about different modalities through the years (enneagram, family constellation, TRE, EMDR, breathing techniques, Meta-Healh). I strongly believe body and mind are highly connected and interdependent.

With my strengths and weaknesses (nobody’s perfect, tap on it!), I have learnt to deal with ups and downs, depression, fear, lack of self-esteem, boundaries, stress, anger, cancer and grief (close relatives), loss and sadness – issues that most of us experience. EFT enables me to change my perspective on life by ACCEPTING what IS instead of ignoring, procrastinating, denying, rejecting or fighting it. 

What resists persists ! By accepting I have the power to change my beliefs about absolutely everything I was taught from a young age, I allow a wide range of great possibilities and opportunities to enter into my life. 

How EFT worked for me ?  While attending my Level 1 EFT course, I developed a PTSD crisis (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), that common yet often unknown trauma numerous veterans suffer long after enduring hardship in war zones. This untimely predicament had my instructor ‘tap’ on me (with my authorisation and in front of the participants), while he carried on with giving the course as smoothly as possible.  Within a few minutes, I changed from feeling overwhelmed and traumatised to smiling and wondering how what just happened, could have happened !

That critical episode even further convinced me of the remarkable effectiveness of EFT.

EFT helps me live a happier life and here I am to share the technique with You 🙂