EFT alters the way our genes influence disease, says study


Can we influence our genes so that we stay well? A major new study—that has tested the positive effects of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a simple therapy that seeks to unblock ‘trapped’ emotions by tapping areas of the body—suggests we can.

Although our genes may be fixed by DNA code, their expression can be influenced by our mood, stress levels, tiredness and even hunger, says EFT expert Dr Dawson

Church. And it is our genes’ expression that determines a range of chronic health problems, such as cancer, diabetes and insulin resistance, and the strength of our immune system.

In the study, Marjorie Maharaj from Akamai University in Hawaii tested the change in gene expression in four participants before and after they had hour-long sessions of EFT. Their genetic expression was monitored with saliva tests.

In all, 72 genes were affected by EFT, and they influence the suppression, or growth, of cancer tumors, our body’s ability to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation from the sun’s rays, type 2 diabetes insulin resistance, immunity from infections, and brain health, among many others.

Dr Church explained: “Levels of gene expression are like the gradations of a light that’s controlled by a dimmer switch: the expression of many genes can be dialed up or down”.