At some point in life, a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, a colleague, or even you personally, will experience cancer. Statistics make it very clear: more than one in three of us will get cancer. For most of us, it will be the toughest fight, and the most serious challenge we ever face. A cancer diagnosis affects not only you, but the people around you. Anyone affected by cancer – their own or a loved one – will need help dealing with the resulting emotions.

Body and mind are intrinsically connected. This means our emotions can have a noticeable and sometimes negative impact on the body and our health. This is why cancer raises physical AND psychological challenges. You may be very angry about the unwanted changes cancer brings to your life. After being diagnosed, you may feel confused, have trouble listening to, understanding, or even remembering what your doctor told you during your consultation. This is especially true when you first hear about it. It is natural and common for people to shut down mentally when they hear the word ‘cancer’.

—  Healing from the inside out  — EFT

“Your illness does not define You. Your strength and courage does” – Unknown

No respectable EFT practitioner will claim they can help you cure your cancer. Nonetheless, EFT offers practical and effective support, at any stage of your medical treatment – whether you’ve just been diagnosed, or currently under treatment or even in remission.

A positive and encouraging aspect of EFT is that it can help you deal with ALL the aspects of cancer that may affect the way you feel : your diagnosis, the disease itself, your specific treatment and its side effects, your fears, doubts, shame, guilt, anxiety, ups and downs… all this in a safe, subtle and non-invasive way 🙂

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