about Natacha

natacha wauquiez

Hi there, am Natacha ! Originally from France and living in South Africa, I am an advanced Energy Psychology practitioner (EFT and Matrix Reimprinting) – certification recognised by EFT International.  I offer face-to-face and online sessions (English & French). I am also currently getting certified in TRE® (Trauma or tension release exercise).

Very intuitive, I have always been fond of personal development and growth as well as healing. Passionate about the connection between dis-ease and emotions, and also the African wilderness (ethology), I live close to Kruger national park.

Over the past 15 years, I have trained on different modalities such as Enneagram (through a disciple of Helen Palmer), family constellation, cardiac coherence & breathing techniques, Vipassana meditation, Meta-Health, Art of Healing, psychology (Theory of attachment). I also hosted and assisted trainers and psychologists in their workshops.

 My clients tell me that I support them with compassion and empathy on their journey, exactly where they are and with what they are going through. I strongly believes that body and mind are highly connected and interdependent. Scientific studies prove it nowadays, from neurosciences to epigenetics – we now talk about our guts as being our second brain and the memory in our heart.

Energy psychology enables us to change our perspective on life by ACCEPTING what is instead of ignoring, procrastinating, denying or fighting it. Basically : what resists persists. By accepting that we have the power to change our beliefs about absolutely everything we were taught from a young age, we allow a wide range of great possibilities and opportunities to enter into our life.

Matrix Reimprinting using EFT is a powerful technique enabling us to go past in the past, change our core beliefs and let go of traumas.

In parallel to my Energy Psychology practice, I have founded Nature Connexion.

Nature Connexion organises transformative retreats and workshops in the African wilderness, respectful of the environment and local communities, for facilitators, teachers, companies or group of friends wishing to share together a transformative journey of learning, personal development and deep connection to the natural world. Get ready for extra-ordinary wellness safaris and let the healing power of nature revitalise your body, mind and soul…



‘You can look only when the 

mind is completely quiet’. 

Jiddu Krishnamurti


I was attending my Level 1 EFT training while being under medication for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) when I developed a panic attack, that common trauma numerous veterans suffer long after enduring hardship in war zones. This untimely predicament had my instructor ‘tap’ on me (with my authorisation and in front of the participants), while he carried on with giving the course as smoothly as possible.  Within a few minutes, I changed from feeling overwhelmed and traumatised to smiling and wondering how what just happened, could have happened !

That critical episode convinced me of the remarkable effectiveness of Energy Psychology, which is today scientifically proven. Numerous medical analysis has been undertaken that prove EFT is highly efficient and even changes our brain physiology and core beliefs.

EFT helps me live a healthier, more balanced life and here I am to share this simple yet efficient technique with You !