EFT and kids

Children in today’s world are often stressed and overwhelmed by school, daily activities, TVs, screens, phones, tablets and other issues (pet dies, bullying, feeling left out, parents’ expectation, parents separation, etc.). All these events can potentially lead to sadness, anger, frustrations, confusion, and often leading to misbehavior, lack of interest, and at times health issues.



  • Fear
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Tantrum
  • Bullying, jealousy
  • Exhaustion
  • Frustration, procrastination*
  • Exams, sport’s performance, school events
  • Goal settings
  • Moving schools
  • Parents divorce
  • The loss of a friend or relative
  • Coping with disability
  • Surviving physical/mental/sexual abuse

*perfectionism or a way not to have fears


Tapping with your child is a wonderful and rewarding experience for both parents and children because first, you create a special bond with your child using a “magic tool” to help them feel better and second children are very kinaesthetic beings and love to be pampered, nurtured, rubbed, tapped and so forth. When you are giving them all your attention while tapping, you can ask them more questions about “what happened today”, “how was your day at school ?”, learn more about their emotional world and get deeper information on any potential challenge/issue they may be facing.

This technique is also powerful for toddlers. Even though young kids are not able to express themselves with a rich vocabulary about what is bothering or disturbing them, the sole fact that they are exhibiting signs of distress gives parents a clue that something needs to be addressed (crying, fear, physical pain, etc). Kids live in the present moment and are more inclined to react quickly to tapping, get its benefits and “shift” (let go of the issue, trauma, blockage) than adults. Kids’ brain is very resilient and adapts quickly to change. EFT is a simple tool they can also learn for themselves, that they can use when feeling overwhelmed by any circumstances.

Deep inside, on different levels, we are all connected to our inner child. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, whatever your age, for someone to ask you about your childhood “stuff” ? And wouldn’t it be even greater to be able to resolve those issues ?

Examples of EFT practiced at school

Examples of EFT practiced at school