I did some EFT sessions with Natacha and I highly recommend using this technique to optimise your health and release psychological and emotional tensions. It is also extremely powerful and efficient in dealing with trauma. Natacha is very competent in facilitating gentle and safe releases, and experienced in dealing with pain and traumatic events to clear emotional blocks. A powerful technique to restore balance and heal.

Françoise, Kinesiologist, Cape Town

I lived in New York City and witnessed the terror attacks of 9-11. Shortly thereafter, I had some symptoms of PTSD but the legacy of that experience was a base state of anxiety that was hard for me to shake and as the years went by I just thought of that anxiety as ‘me’.  Natacha used various techniques to guide me through my memories and let the feelings I had repressed come out.  She did this gently and I felt very safe and supported. It was a beautiful and transformative release; I left the sessions a lighter and more integrated person. I am very grateful for Natacha’s skillful and gentle healing and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Jessica, U.S



I approached Natacha a few years ago when I was presented with the opportunity to finally take the leap into the world of simultaneous interpreting, something I’d been avoiding or postponing due to insecurities. It’s a skill I knew I had and could further develop but that I hadn’t had the courage to really explore till then. Simultaneous interpreting is a mentally taxing, high stress profession that requires speed of thought, 1000% concentration for long stretches at a time and comes with great responsibility. Two colleagues conspired for me to take that leap and I couldn’t turn it down. And then anxiety kicked in. I was terrified of messing up. Interestingly, that first interpreting job came at around the same time as my dysfunctional relationship at the time was ending, and with all that a whole opening up to change and growth. I booked a session with Natacha a couple of days before that job, hoping EFT would help me prepare mentally for the challenge. And it did. She guided the session beautifully through specific questions, with a lot of care and wisdom. There was a huge release when we explored where that fear, rooted in childhood experiences, came from. And the immediate effects just after the following sessions were a feeling of lightness and of having processed through something heavy. There was still concern for the upcoming job, but the anxiety and the ups and downs going between the emotional extremes of “I’ve totally got this” to “Who the hell am I kidding? I can’t do this!”, were gone. On day 1, after the nerves of the first few minutes as you get into the flow of the event and subject matter, which can still happen to the most experienced interpreter, I was fine. Half way through that day I remember sending Natacha an SMS that she said put a smile on her face: “I’m actually really f*ing good at this !

D, Cape-Town

I  decided to see Natacha because I was stuck with a specific issue on a professional level. The session went gently and resulted in childhood wounds that surfaced. This shook me and felt as if something was shifting. It felt so good to be able to face things and deal with them emotionally. As if I had got rid of a big burden. Natacha’s session was very professional, filled with humanity and true listening. Natacha finds the right words and does not try and put herself in your shoes, or project in any way. I have experienced EFT before but with this session, I had such good results. I felt totally relieved. After our session and the following days, my professional blockage/issue had disappeared. A big thank you.

Catherine, France

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