what happens during a session


While we’ll start tapping on the meridian points, we’ll chat briefly on how you feel about the issue that you wish to address. You will not need to reveal any aspect of that issue if you do not wish to. The technique helps you feel safe at any time.

A forgotten trauma or unconscious thought pattern that is holding your negative emotion or pattern in place. When our energy is flowing freely, we feel at our best. When it is blocked either physically or emotionally, our minds and bodies become restricted. The EFT session focuses on the releasing and clearing of your issues, blocks, traumas, limiting beliefs, bringing us back into natural balance.

You will be guided through several layers and aspects of your issue. During this process many different thoughts, physical or emotional sensations may come up; childhood traumas, forgotten, buried memories, painful events will probably rise to the surface. Those are often part of the root cause of the issue, although you may not find any conscious connection between them.

People are often surprised during their session at how quickly they “shift”, can put the dots together, and how EFT then erases those issues from their mind and/or body. They often mention that EFT allowed them to see their problem under a different perspective (or angle), which helped them get rid of it.

After the session

After a few sessions of tapping, there frequently are collateral side benefits, sometimes completely unconscious and unrelated to what you’re working on. This is part of the beauty and strength emanating from EFT.

Between Sessions

After each session, you may receive an email from me with relevant feedback, tapping tips and exercises related to your last session, using your own words. As explained above, what happens between sessions represents an important part of your healing process and growth. It is up to you to give it the necessary space and motivation.